Fogo de Chão

Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved table-side plus an extensive salad bar.


Fogo de Chão is an authentic Brazilian steakhouse. In 1979, Fogo began sharing the gaucho way of preparing meat in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Today, our gaucho chefs still expertly grill each of our 15 cuts of meat and offer you continuous tableside service.

The gaucho chef tradition began in Southern Brazil hundreds of years ago with the practice of roasting meats over open pits of fire at family gatherings and community events. Fathers passed the knowledge on to their sons, and the young gauchos grew up with the passion for the simplicity and the rich flavors of the traditional churrasco.

Operating under the unique service concept of espeto corrido (“continuous service” in Portuguese), Fogo’s Brazilian-trained gaucho chefs present and slice 15 different cuts of meat tableside from roasting skewers. At Fogo de Chão, our gaucho chefs train for at least two years, learning to prepare and cook the meats, as well as make the marinades. Each chef learns all about every cut of meat offered at Fogo, including the optimal temperature to cook each cut to any desired level. The gaucho chefs are responsible for taking care of the meat from the time it arrives from the butcher to the moment it is presented to the guests.



Guests control the pace of the meal by flipping a two-sided disk between green (more food, please) and red (I’m on a break now). With this unique system, patrons can enjoy the experience at their own pace.




We invite you to enjoy the delicious preparations of our gaucho chefs along with our gourmet salad bar, authentic Brazilian side dishes, and award-winning wine list.



Q: Are reservations required?

Reservations are not required; however, they are encouraged, especially for the holidays and on weekends. Reservations may be made online at, You may also contact your local Fogo de Chão via phone


Q: Are your restaurants wheelchair accessible?

All of our locations are wheelchair accessible, and we look forward to serving you!


Q: Can I order the salad bar only?

We do offer an extensive salad and vegetable bar called the Market Table. The Market Table includes items such as hearts of palm, giant asparagus, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh cut and steamed broccoli, marinated artichoke bottoms, tabbouleh, smoked salmon, an assortment of fine cheeses, and much more. The Market Table only option does include unlimited servings of our traditional Brazilian side dishes. Side dishes include seasoned mashed potatoes, caramelized bananas, crispy polenta and warm cheese bread.


Q: Do you accommodate special dietary needs including food allergies?

We take pride in the fact that we can accommodate many of our guests' dietary concerns because of the variety of choices we offer. Please speak with the manager prior to each visit.


Q: Do you ever share your recipes?

We appreciate your patronage, kind words, and interest in Fogo de Chão. We are delighted you enjoyed our food so much, but at this time, we do not share our recipes.


Q: Do you have any Birthday specials by any chance?

It would be our privilege to share in your birthday celebration! Our unique concept is exciting and interactive for all special events. We do offer a complimentary dessert for the guest of honor. -Fogo


Q: Do you have any pricing information?

Our pricing and hours are located on the Locations link on our webpage and are specific for each location.  


Q: Do you offer franchising opportunities?

We do not offer franchising opportunities at this time. With any other questions regarding business expansion, please contact us at


Q: Do you offer Gluten Free options?

We have many wonderful gluten free options. Please contact your local Fogo de Chão and ask to speak with the manager or email us at


Q: Does the new seafood items on the menu mean your kitchen is no longer safe for people with seafood allergies?

Our restaurant is safe for guests with fish/seafood allergies.  Please speak with the manager at your nearest Fogo location on each visit regarding seafood and any other dietary needs to ensure they are accommodated.


Q: How do you pronounce Fogo de Chão?

The name Fogo de Chão is pronounced (fo-go dèe shoun). The name means campfire or fire on the ground. There is not a literal translation from Portuguese to English.


Q: I have a Soy allergy. At other Churrascaria's there are certain items that I've found that I need to avoid. What would I need to avoid at your restaurant?

We take pride in the fact that we can accommodate many of our guests' dietary concerns because of the variety of choices we offer. We do recommend you speak with the manager at your location on each visit regarding any specific dietary needs to ensure they are accommodated. The manager can guide you to a meal suitable to your needs -Fogo


Q: Is Fogo really from Brazil?

We are an authentic Southern Brazilian Steakhouse. In 1979, the first Fogo de Chão opened its doors in Porto Alegre, combining the best of the centuries-old culinary tradition of churrasco with a focus on exceptional customer service. We brought our concept to the United States from Brazil in 1997, and have continued our commitment to excellence ever since. We know you have many choices when dining out, and we look forward to serving you!


Q: Is there a dress code?

Though we do not have a set dress code, the dress attire at all of our locations is generally business casual.


Q: What credit cards are accepted?

American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa

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