Chrome Gypsy Tattoo

Chrome Gypsy Tattoo in Las Vegas - has been in worldwide publications. Magazines, Articles, Videos and much more.

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Chrome Gypsy Tattoo is proud to present our artist. All of our artist can do any tattoo with precision bright bold colors that last. Like all super heroes or rock stars, our artist have specialties. Meaning - they excel at certain types of art, JUST MAYBE, they like doing that type of tattoo.  First, Cleen Rock One owner and operator. Well known by the entire tattoo industry for bold color that sticks.  Schwab known for bright color creative characters. Osker Danger, known for bright colorful tattoos, portraits.


We would be glad to help with all of your tattoo & body piercing needs in Las Vegas. Our tattoo staff has been hand picked for their different styles. We have an artist for every possible type of tattoo you want to get. Whether you are in the market for a Las Vegas tattoo, bright bold colorful tattoos, traditional tattoos, black and grey tattoos, portrait tattoo, tribal tattoos, cover-up tattoos and much more...  Maybe, you would like to make that old tattoo look new again. Come down to the shop and talk to our artist. Consultations for a tattoo or body piercing are always free.


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