Zombie Apocalypse Store

Your ultimate zombie & preparedness resource store for survival gear & self-defense items like mace, plus gifts & novelties. A must visit for any zombie fan!

The world’s first and only Zombie Apocalypse Store™ in the Fabulous City Of Las Vegas Nevada. Lots of fun – Lots of functional stuff for surviving the zombie apocalypse. What's Your Zombie? Earthquakes, Tsunamis, The Government, Zombies? Be prepared for zombies and be prepared for anything!




Zombie apocalypse store Las Vegas is the first of many stores to be established across this great land of America. Remember that "zombie" is a metaphor for many things. Some of those things could be earthquakes, tornadoes, any natural disasters, the government, or anything that you think you and your family should prepare yourselves for - or against. We thrive on contact and opinions from our customers.

You can also visit our online store at http://www.zombiestore.biz/



Travel to a zombie infested area on the outskirts and annihilate the walking dead hordes with realistic paintball guns! Only $45 a person! Shuttle from the Zombie Apocalypse Store only $10. Total event duration approx: 1 1/12 hour including shuttle.





“Best Place to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse”- Vegas Seven

Listed in Top 10 of the weirdest and most wonderful shops in Las Vegas- The Guardian


FAQ About Zombies


Q: What is a Zombie?
A: Zombies are re-animated deceased humans, animals, etc. The re-animation is caused by a mutagenic compound which enters the deceased organism, revitalizes its nervous/cardiovascular system, and brings them "back to life".


Q: Will Zombies ignore me if I dress up like one of them?
A: We highly doubt it. From what we know, Zombies recognize their own kind through scent, not looks. We recommend not attempting to directly interact with or pass by a zombie by dressing up, and leave all interaction to a professional.


Q: I saw a bunch of movies about Zombies. Do those have any bearing on reality?
A: Simple answer: Yes.


Q: What should I do if a family member becomes a Zombie? 
A: Once a person becomes a zombie, you must no longer consider them a family member. The zombified family member will need to be isolated by a certified professional for screening. If you have difficulty accepting their current turning, or are unsure of how to handle the situation, please contact a specialist at the Zombie Apocalypse Store.


Q: AHHH!! There are a ton of Zombies outside of my place!! What do I do?!?!
A: Unless you invited them over for a party, we suggest boarding up all windows, doors, turning off all sound-making devices, and heading up to the highest interior point of your house. We recommend avoiding basements, rooftops (we heard they learned how to climb), or vehicles.

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