Criss Angel, in partnership with Cirque du Soleil presents CRISS ANGEL Believe, an illusion spectacular at the Luxor Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas. Criss Angel, the most watched magician in television history and recently awarded Magician of the Century brings his arsenal of 40 mind-blowing illusions to the stage - You Won't Believe Your Eyes! Witness the most dangerous, exciting, comedy filled evening of unparalleled illusions from the #1 Magician in the world.

Criss Angel, the most famous magician on the planet - in partnership with Cirque du Soleil - presents CRISS ANGEL Believe, an illusion spectacular at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. Criss has amazed hundreds of millions on television, online, and is the most watched magician in history. Now YOU can experience his mega-hit LIVE! Witness OVER 40 of the most mind-blowing illusions ever performed. Criss Angel has not only been celebrated with more magic awards than any other magician in history, but was also named Magician of the Century and in 2012 was named Vegas' Entertainer of the Year and Best Magician in Las Vegas. Now let the magic live in you...

You won't believe your eyes! See the revolutionary CRISS ANGEL Believe from Cirque du Soleil today! Are you ready?



"The Only A+ Rated Magic Show in Vegas and I've seen Them all!" BBC

"#1 Best selling Magic Show In The World!" Extra

"A GREAT Show!" Newsweek Magazine



Fun Facts

Believe features OVER 40 of the most spectacular illusions ever performed – more than any other magic show in the world!

Criss Angel has performed more hours of magic on prime time TV than any magician in the history of television. That's more hours of TV than Houdini, David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Doug Henning, and Penn & Teller combined. His acclaimed series MINDFREAK on A&E was the most successful magic show in television history – six seasons, over 100 episodes

Criss Angel is the most watched magician in history of the Internet with over 200 million views on you tube alone. Criss' one clip – "Walk on Water" - has garnered over 45 million views; more than David Blaine, David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, and Penn & Teller's most viewed clips combined.

Criss Angel performed for an estimated 50,000+ people in Clearwater, Florida - the largest live audience in magic's history, rivaling even Houdini.

Immortalized as a wax figure in Madame Tussauds

Criss Angel has OVER 5.5 million likes/followers between Facebook and Twitter alone - more than any magician in internet history.

Criss Angel is a Los Angeles Times "Best Selling Author"




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Q: How long is the CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ show?

A: CRISS ANGEL Believe is 90 minutes long, not including an intermission.


Q: Is CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ appropriate for children?

A: Due to the show’s production and language content, CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ may not be suitable for children under 12 years of age. Parental supervision is recommended.


Q: Does CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ feature any special effects?

A: CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ special effects include the use of smoke, strobe lighting, pyrotechnics, birds, intense music and ringing noises.


Q: Does CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ tour different cities?

A: CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ is a permanent show at a fixed location, and therefore does not tour. Believe was created for the Luxor in Las Vegas and is performed in a theater built specifically for the show.


Q: When did CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ have its world premiere?

A: CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ has been performing at the Luxor since October 2008.


Q: How far in advance may I purchase tickets for CRISS ANGEL® Believe™?

A: Tickets for CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ may be reserved up to four months in advance of a performance.

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