Cupid's Wedding Chapel

A Las Vegas Wedding at Cupid's Wedding Chapel can be an romantic experience filled with all of the glitter & sparkle that you expect from a wedding in Las Vegas... but it can also fulfill every wish that of a beautiful romantic & traditional wedding day that you & your loved ones will never forget !



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Romantic & Elegant Wedding Packages. The Glitter, Lights & Romance of World Famous Las Vegas ! 




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You Will Own The Full High Resolution Photographs Included In Your Package. Not Watermarked Low Resolution Digital Proofs. This Level Quality Of Photography is What Every Couple Will Receive. 



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Elvis Weddings In Las Vegas at Cupid's | Wed, Rock & Roll you until you can't help but stop being the Hound Dog you know you are. We all know Elvis is everywhere. Cupid's even has 2 of him at 'The Little Chapel with The Big Heart'.

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